The participation over a big event like ExpoInternet Latam does not mean that the activities takes only the three days during the exposition. It means an important project, when you can show your company at a regional level of visibility. So it’s an opportunity to commercial, marketing and branding growth.

The ideal for take advantage of  this opportunity is to schedule the previous actions, during and post exposition. That’s why we share with you some recommendations to keep in mind:

Establish which participation goals we have and how are we going to achieve them.

Considering the different architecture choices according to the requirements of the actions planned during the event.
Remember that not necessarily excessively things bring better results, usually the big ideas with a correctly communication process had and positive impact over the public. With a several time, make a plan ahead the space equipment: Exhibition place and store, support elements and hold devices.

Employees training program:
The human resources are extremelly important in order to meet the objectives. Is necessary to have a person in charge over the stand space and make sure that space be fully occupied.
If you need to hire someone only for this event, is very important to make a previous training to prepare him.

The diffusion of the event is responsabillity of the organizer. In order to be able to fully exploit the popularity of your participation, you could enhance and accelerate this trough personalized invitations to recognized people or costumers.
To show the importancy about your participation, it’s very important the fact to share information over social networks, e-mail marketing tools, web, graphic publicity,etc, transmiting the additional activities which take place every day during the event. Lead talks, the launching of new products, conferencies,etc.

Promotional activities:
It’s indispensable allow the sufficient time to get all the promotional stuff to use during the event: personal presentation cards, brochures and exhibition catalogues.

Respect about opening and closing hoursYour public image probably strongly damaged if the visitors find your stand without people inside, alone, without illumination or in last minute arrangements. Remember that your team must access with a several previous time to check and fix any last moment problem.

Stand organization. Remember that the time lapse during the event your space is your company image, share task, make order and guarantee this order.

Respect for the planified activitiesIt’s very important do the promised actions according your previous schedule. If you need to be forced to cancel one you must communicate it with a previous time.

Planning the most effective way to get your potential costumers details, and keep in touch after the exposition. The key tool for the success of your business is segmentation.

Do not disassemble your stand before the exposition ends. There is an according schedule previoulys agreement to make it faster and smoothly.

Make a meeting with all your team to determine if your goals are being met.

Once the necessary data have been collated, it’s necessary to depuring and qualify the new contacts.

Is necessary need to maintain contact with your prospects, because te proximitivy to the event bring favourable outcomes to your potential closed business.

Maximizes the use of the Expointernet  participation opportunities to make promotional campaings and share your achieved goals.

Contact your commercial assessor from Expointernet Latinoamerica to be sure of the successful about this edition, in another year. There’s exist a great and very convenient benefits to the  exhibitors from previous editions, in the moment to reserve their stand with some anticipation.